Pacquiao vs Margarito Fight

Thursday, April 21, 2011

“Size Matters” –Mosley to Pacquiao

Mosley vs Pacquiao - Shane Mosley gets his hands full on Manny Pacquiao that size and age does matter. The two-weight world champion challenges the Filipino ring icon; Mosley is on Pacquiao’s heels vying for his WBO welterweight title in Las Vegas which will be this coming May 7.

As the whole world knows, Mosley has the strength and size fit for a king of the ring, and may be quite a bit intimidating to Pacquiao. Furthermore, Sugar Shane Mosley has reached the apex of kingship in boxing with his 39 KOs and a staggering record in the sport. That would be in contrast to Pacquiao who won the world’s cheers at first by flyweight and now steps down from light middleweight.

The world will also never forget how he had beaten up Antonio Margarito at the weight of 154 pounds and made monkeyshines with himself because of his size by taking charge tabs with Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto on his soaring velocity to the pound-for-pound rubrics.

For Mosley’s part, who will be giving his 55th professional comeback reveals that whatever it takes, no one, not even Pacquiao will halt him to deliver an impressive knockout body shot. “I’ve been in there with different guys and, you know, Manny PAcquiao is a great fighter, he’s a hard worker and does everything right, that a pound-for-pound champion should do.” He added.

Although with his strong build, one of the disadvantages Mosley has over Pacquiao is his age, because in boxing, the age 39 is equivalent to 60 in earth years. And with his advancing age, comes advancing body parts and declining strength as well. Now Sugar, how’s that for one giddy body shot?

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